Hugo Horsfield 1955-2023

Hugo Horsfield

Hugo passed away unexpectedly on Monday 22 May 2023 leaving his husband David Jesty and the rest of us all in shock.

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26 May 2023, revised 17 June 2023

The funeral

Hugo's funeral was held on Friday 16 June 2023 at Yeovil Crematorium.

With his niece Lucy

Christmas at Ashley Lodge, Bristol - from Graham & Gaye

With Ann, John Roche's sister - from Claudia
With Claudia, Bev and Crispin - from Claudia
Not forgetting that he was a talented photographer - from Claudia
With Sheelah and a tingling machine - from Claudia
Singing - from Claudia

So sad. But so glad he found happiness - Philip Lindner

With Great Nephew Rowan - Lucy
To be fair the photo didn’t look much like him but it just reminds me of the fun time we had doing the photo shoot - Claudia

Shooting party - Virginia
The very best friend I ever had - Virginia

Ayla with Guncles - Hugo's term for Great Uncles - Lucy
Ayla at 10 - Lucy

From Matthew Oliver

Sending love to all you Horsfields, my second family of childhood. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for this sad loss. Nick Burge.

Sorry to hear about Hugo. He always smiled. Matthew Burge.

Our dad was so fond of yours, Nick & Matthew, & our childhoods punctuated with super fun family gatherings. I have since wondered how on earth they managed 9 children when we were all together! Antonia.

2 extremely capable Mums… Jo and Sheelah. Nick.

Ayla's art - Lucy
Virginia commented "He looks like Freddy Mercury!"

When I turned 18 or 21 I somewhat jokingly asked grandpa if he had any life advice for me on my milestone birthday. Without a pause he said "Love your family and keep in touch with your friends" - Lucy

He was even handsome in mug shots - Claudia
At the Crinan Canal.
The 50s in Germany I think. We were in Düsseldorf, Hilden, Osnabrück and Bünde. Where this particular picture was taken I'm not sure. Crispin.
In Tarragona in the 60s unless my siblings correct me. Crispin.
Hugo with foxhound puppies Dummer and Dulverton at Southill House. Claudia.

Hugo wrote this limerick nearly 50 years ago:

Claudia was finding it hard
To write poems of any regard
She wrote one one day
That sounded okay
And now she thinks she’s a bard.

In Marrakesh celebrating Virginia's 50th.
In France with Virginia
Marrakesh - Virginia's 50th
Of its time! 1975 at Marylebone with Beany, Caroline and BOAC bag
Luxury travel (aka Deck Class) on the Athens-Santorini ferry 1978?
The 2018 annual visit to Ardnacraig
Hugo and Khan
Moustaches galore
Christmas at Preybrook
Probably around 1956, so Germany?
Malaya around 1960
West Point Hill, Rye
Antonia and Hugo, Germany?
Possibly Rye
At Preybrook
40th birthday
With Khan at Southill. Nigel in the background.
At Southill
More moustache variations
A bithday party (6 candles!) at Southill
With Georgina at Wooley Grange
In the OTC with Peter Randall and Mike Wakefield wearing his Nijmegen Marches Cross
Warminster 1977
Kimber Village
Pirates evening, Mallorca. From Caroline.
Sailing in Mallorca
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